Stainless Steel Corrugated Hoses
Hose Standard : BS 6501
Construction : Flexible tubing, single thickwall corrugation, without packing, annular corugation hydraulically formed.
Profile : Close pitch corrugation
Size Range : 6 mm upto 350 mm
Pressure Range : Upto 150 kg/cm³ or higher against specific requirement. The pressure value indicated in the table (technical data) is fuction of the diameter, of the temperature, of the number of braids, of the material used and of the type of application.
Temperature: Upto 800°C
Core Material : 321/304/316/316L * Monel/Bronze.
Braid Material : SS 304/SS 321
End Fittings : Tig welded, mechanical, soldered, silver brazed.
Application : Due to their outstanding characteristics, JRE/S.S. 1W & JRE/S.S. 2W hose assemblies are suitable for a wide variety of applications. Wherever flexible pipe is necessary they may be applied.

Special Hoses available on request:
  • Extra High Pressure
  • Smooth Bore
  • Jacketed hose Assembly

The main application of Stainless Steel Corrugated hose assemblies is where synthetic rubber hoses & plastic hoses do not work well i.e. for hot water, steam, condensate, gas, corrosive liquids, acids, ammonia, carbonic & tartaric acids, tannic acid, nitric acid, sulphuric acid, dye stuff, mercury etc.

In refineries: To convey oils; gasoline, LPG, benzol, petrol, alcohol, LSHS, liquid gases, steam, and other derivates

In Chemical Industry: For the changing, mixing & Conveyerlines

In power Plants: For cooling lines etc.

In Reactor Installation: For cooling lines etc.

In steel Plants: For supply of air and oxygen and for blast furnaces.

And everywhere: Where corrosion and vacuum are major problems.