A PUHB Hose Saddles is a polyurethane saddle designed to suspend hoses. Each model comes complete with its own UV treated polyester sling which is fastened in a choker position. The PUHB Hose Saddle is designed to accommodate the manufacturers' minimum bending radius to protect hose from kinking and prolong the life of the hose.

Despite continued high material costs, consumers continue to use inferior products to hoist and suspend their hoses. Based on client feedback we are confident that PUHB Hose Saddle is the world's premier hose suspension device.

Application Areas:
  • Dock hoses on Jetties, Rigs and Offshore Platforms.
  • Material handling hoses
  • Vapour recovery hoses.
  • Bundled industrial hoses.
  • Vacuum Hoses.

Advantages of PUHB Hose Saddles:
  • PUHB Hose Saddle, maintains a perfect curvature allowing an uninterrupted flow of material through the hose.
  • Moisture drainage troughs that readily allow the hose to breathe, and friction ribs to prevent the hose from slipping.
  • Reduces premature hose failures, thus increasing the life of the hose and decreasing the cost of replacement.
  • Provide increased control during rigging changes and adjustments
  • Reduces risk to personnel working under or near a hoisted hose.

Hoses are not cheap, yet time after time companies hoist, suspend and manipulate their hose with inferior products. In addition to extending/prolonging the life of your hose, a PUHB Hose Saddle will prevent it from kinking or otherwise becoming compromised. Depending on the nature of the material to be transported, kinked or damaged hose can be dangerous or even fatal.