Date : April 10th, 2019Posted By : admin
Different applications of coupling

The gadget called Coupling is equipment holding diverse kinds of shafts together. It holds them in legitimate arrangement with each other. In this way, they generate basic power transmission and furthermore redress if there are any developments pivotally towards the shaft-end. Hire reliable Straub coupling services. A few basic applications: Transmission of power from a …

Date : January 23rd, 2019Posted By : admin
Difference between a Hose and a Pipe

Transportation of fluids uses different types of tubes, among which most commonly used tubes are hoses and pipes. The two different types of tubes help to transmit fluids from one place to another with a mechanism of pressure. However, these two different tubes are used interchangeably for varied purposes, and they are more or less …

Date : December 4th, 2018Posted By : admin
Difference Between Rubber and Metallic Expansion Joints

An expansion joint is a unit that is capable of relieving the overall stress present in any piping system. In addition to this, the replacement joints are also responsible for preventing flange gaskets from getting crushed easily. However, most of the times, it becomes a confusing state to select the best replacement joint –rubber or …