Date : September 8th, 2018Posted By : admin
Using Expansion Joint Systems

Expansion joints that are also referred to as compensators mimic those found in our bodies. They are structurally designed to expand and contract in extreme conditions like wind or high temperatures. These joints are placed as structural joint supports and contribute greatly to the overall stability of a structure. They are in most cases used …

Date : July 16th, 2018Posted By : admin
Rubber versus metal movement joints: Which is better for piping systems

A movement joint or expansion joint is basically an assembly specially designed to hold different sections in a system together, absorb vibration and the temperature-induced contraction or expansion of construction materials, as well as allow movement caused by earthquakes or ground settlement. They are widely used between parts of bridges, buildings, railway tracks, sidewalks, ships, …

Date : June 16th, 2018Posted By : admin
What Are Expansion Joints and How Are They Useful?

The industrial revolution brought with itself several innovations that changed the world. However, if you look at the bigger picture you will realize that to support the massive projects of the big companies, a lot of smaller but important companies were also set up. These supporting companies focused on creating components that would assist the …