API hose couplers and tank adaptors are interchangeable with other products manufactured to standard API RP 1004.

API coupler is a high pressure design with five claw closure connection for strength and two interlocks for security and safety.

A moulded lip seal configuration is used for long leak-free performance.

API tank adaptors are available with or without operating handles or sightglasses

  • Connect and disconnect under pressure and without spillage.
  • Built in accordance with API RP 1004.
  • Mounting lugs provided for air interlock valve system.
  • Optional sight glass on the adapter (tank unit).
  • Flat surface area on the bottom portion of the valve, which prevents product from being trapped.
  • The operating lever, body and sleeve are all of heavy-duty aluminium.
  • API Coupler is full interlocked. It cannot be opened unless it is properly connected, and cannot be disconnected when the poppet is open.
Technical Details
Size : 4 inch (DN100)
Material : Aluminium alloy
Seals: FKM. Other material on request
Working Pressure : 16 Bar for Couplers and 10 Bar for adaptors
Test Pressure : 24 Bar for Couplers and 15 Bar for adaptors.
End Connectios : TW3/100 and TTMA Flange