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Hose maintenance tips you should know about

Hydraulic hoses that might be damaged can lead to safety issues and thus it is necessary that you maintain them properly and replace them as soon as possible so that there are no casualties and also so that you do not need to spend a lot due to the amount of damage that has been caused to it. Also, if you have a construction going around your office or house, then the hoses that do not work properly can affect the productivity of the workers and waste a lot of their time. Here are some of the tips that would ensure the maintenance of the hoses including nitrogen hoses in your house.

Make sure you choose the right hose for the task

Always consider the pressure that the machine can exert on the hose and the kind of water force that you want to flow out for a particular task. You need to decide on size of the hose that you need and also the viscosity of the fluid that is going to be used for the cleaning purpose in order to make sure that the hose works properly and would serve the purpose well. In case too much pressure is applied on the hose, then that might shorten its overall life.

Inspect the hose before using it

At times, you might be handed a defective nitrogen hose which might contain small holes that are not visible to the eye. Keep a check on the cracking and blisters as they are certainly not good to be used for the work. Also, you should never use hoses that are on the stage of getting deteriorated.

Install sheath to protect the hose from external factors

If you happen to live in extreme weather conditions, then it is better that you need to install sheaths in order to protect the hose from external elements and harmful factors that might affect their quality over time.

Always store them in cool and dry place

The heat from the sun can affect the quality of the hydraulic hose and the moisture too can have same effect on the same. It is advised that you store the hose in a cool and dry place so that they do not age faster and would be useful for a longer period of time.

Regularly clean the fittings

It is necessary to clean up the fittings of the hydraulic hoses regularly and also inspect them for dirt, dust, and debris that might affect the performance of the hose over time. Use a clean cloth or a cleaning chemical to wash off the dirt from the hose.

Take up an action in case the hose fails

You must turn off the machine and let it release pressure after which you can disconnect the hose and inspect it if there is a leakage or not. If there is an issue you can either apply a seal or get the hose replaced so as to avoid the wastage of the fluid.

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