SOPAT - A Smart Way To Measure Particles

SOPAT is specialized in the analysis of particulate systems. SOPAT(Smart Online Particle Analysis) develops and markets an innovative particle measurement technology for real-time analysis of multi-phase systems. Particles, such as droplets, grains, cells or bubbles, are measured with high precision in running processes. The developed technology consists of a photo-optical sensor probe with integrated intelligent image analysis.

Our measurement technique makes it possible to optimize Chemical, Oil & Gas, Food and Steel Cooling processes on the basis of measured particles and their properties, such as drop size distribution.

With the technology developed by SOPAT(Smart Online Particle Analysis), the laborious, time consuming process of collecting test samples is a thing of the past. Our test probe can be installed simply and quickly in your laboratory or on-site facility and our software can then be tuned and optimized to the specific needs of your process. By precisely keeping track of your system's data in real-time, our product enables you the chance to monitor your process and, for the first time, control it.

The SOPAT-VI probe provides quantitative data on particle size distribution fully automatic. The probe-based microscope with integrated high resolution camera technology generates real-time images from the desired measurement point in the system. The digital images are processed immediately with our newly developed image analysis software. This allows accurate automated on-line image analysis of particle sizes and distributions in complex multiphase systems.

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