In their material design and type of movement, Ditec rubber expansion joints are genuinely multi-talented in terms of temperature, pressure and pumped fluid resistance. They require a great deal of both universal and specialist know-how, and constitute by far the largest share of Ditec production.

Rubber expansion joints compensate for axial, lateral and angular movements resulting from thermal changes in pipeline length. They prevent the transmission of mechanical vibrations from machines, apparatus or pumps to the connected pipeline. They compensate for tension and imprecision in assembly, and are now able to withstand – depending on the application requirement – pressures of up to 40 bar.

In Ditec production process, they produce single pieces and series with a diameter of up to 5 metres, individually designed and dimensioned on the basis of the Pressure Equipment Directives.

Depending on the movement and installation position between the sliding and fixed bearings of a pipeline, we deliver rubber expansion joints with and without axial tie rods, manufactured to fit precisely.

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