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Date : April 10th, 2019Posted By : admin
Different applications of coupling

The gadget called Coupling is equipment holding diverse kinds of shafts together. It holds them in legitimate arrangement with each other. In this way, they generate basic power transmission and furthermore redress if there are any developments pivotally towards the shaft-end. Hire reliable Straub coupling services. A few basic applications: Transmission of power from a …

JRE enter the market with Smart Particle Analysis from Germany

JRE has entered into an agreement with SOPAT, Germany.

About SOPAT:
“SOPAT is specialized in the analysis of particulate systems. Our team develops and markets an innovative particle measurement technology for real-time analysis of multi-phase systems. Particles, such as droplets, grains, cells or bubbles, are measured with high precision in running processes. The developed technology consists of a photo-optical sensor probe with integrated intelligent image analysis.”