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Date : June 16th, 2018Posted By : admin
What Are Expansion Joints and How Are They Useful?

The industrial revolution brought with itself several innovations that changed the world. However, if you look at the bigger picture you will realize that to support the massive projects of the big companies, a lot of smaller but important companies were also set up. These supporting companies focused on creating components that would assist the …

Date : February 1st, 2018Posted By : admin
Infographic: PTFE Hoses-An indispensable component for industrial applications

The PTFE hoses manufactured by JRE are well-known for their reliability. They are commonly used in chemical factories and industrial applications. These hoses are highly compatible with chemicals and can easily work under different pressures. They have high flexibility which makes them dynamic by nature. Because of their nonreactive nature, PTFE hoses is an ideal …

Date : January 15th, 2018Posted By : admin
Everything about Bellow Manufacturer

Bellows are manufactured by welding stamped, diaphragms into the long, flexible assembly. Strips of metal in sheet form are hydraulically stamped into the diaphragm shape. The pressure, stroke length, spring rate and temperature help to determine thickness and material required to meet the applications’ demands. Ripples shape and inside and outside edges of the diaphragm …