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work a Hose
Date : June 6th, 2017Posted By : admin
Different type of work a Hose can do!

Hoses are hollow tubes that are flexible. Hoses are used for carrying fluids between two locations. They are also called sometimes pipes, but a hose is being flexible while a pipe is just a rigid tube. A hose usually has a cylindrical shape. Hose design is aims to achieve a combination of performance and application. …

Date : May 19th, 2017Posted By : admin
Measurement techniques for drop size distributions in liquid/liquid dispersions

Experimental comparison of measurement techniques for drop size distributions in liquid/liquid dispersions Maaß*,1), S. Wollny2), A. Voigt3), M. Kraume1) 1) Chair of Chemical and Process Engineering / TU Berlin, Straße des 17. Juni 135, Sekr. MA 5-7, 10623 Berlin, Germany; phone: 0049-30-314-23171 2) Department of Fluid Mechanics / Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Germany 3) …

Release Couplings
Date : August 22nd, 2016Posted By : admin
The Applications of Quick Release Couplings

The applications of quick release couplings can be found in many industries. These are essential components in connecting or disconnecting any mechanical lines. The prime objective of such devices is to eliminate fluid leakage. They are generally corrosion resistant and can be their application is inevitable for a variety of industries. The Real Applications You …