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Date : May 5th, 2018Posted By : admin
Food and Pharmaceutical Grade Hoses, Types and How to Choose the Best One

When working in a pharmaceutical and food application industry, it’s extremely important to use food grade hoses so as to maintain the integrity of what’s being transported. If a hose which is FDA approved is not used, it’s very easy to contaminate the media being transferred through the system with off-gassing, hazardous materials or just …

Date : March 12th, 2018Posted By : admin
Say Good Bye to Pipe Explosions, Embrace the New Full proof Technology!

Whether you are a skilled professional or just a curious individual searching for information on metal expansion joints; such as what they are, how they work and for what situations they have been developed for, then you are definitely at the right place. The following brief article will bring you up to speed with everything …

work a Hose
Date : June 6th, 2017Posted By : admin
Different type of work a Hose can do!

Hoses are hollow tubes that are flexible. Hoses are used for carrying fluids between two locations. They are also called sometimes pipes, but a hose is being flexible while a pipe is just a rigid tube. A hose usually has a cylindrical shape. Hose design is aims to achieve a combination of performance and application. …