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expansion joints
Date : March 15th, 2017Posted By : admin
Expansion Joints: General Presentation

An expansion joint represents a multitude of pieces, created to absorb any heat-induced expansion. This device has also the role of absorbing any vibration or holding a larger construction’s parts together. Sometimes, it’s being used to allow a more facile movement in case of a ground settlement or earthquake. The expansions joints are becoming very …

Date : December 12th, 2016Posted By : admin
JRE at Petrotech, 2016

JRE participated at the Petrotech, 2016 in New Delhi between 05/12/2016 to 07/12/2016. We had our booth in one of the main halls in the exhibition along side major Oil & Gas players like BPCL, IOCL, HPCL etc. JRE launched various new technologies into the Indian market along with our foreign partners’ representatives, the brief …

JRE enter the market with Smart Particle Analysis from Germany

JRE has entered into an agreement with SOPAT, Germany.

About SOPAT:
“SOPAT is specialized in the analysis of particulate systems. Our team develops and markets an innovative particle measurement technology for real-time analysis of multi-phase systems. Particles, such as droplets, grains, cells or bubbles, are measured with high precision in running processes. The developed technology consists of a photo-optical sensor probe with integrated intelligent image analysis.”